Friday, December 6, 2013

On "losing" things.

Where could it be!?
I am currently missing one of my favorite long sleeve t-shirts. A "must purchase" item from the sale rack at the Ann Taylor Loft Outlet (I don't think you can find a more satisfyingly discounted product than that!) the shirt bares a large eyed cartoon owl wearing thick rimmed glasses, which happen to be made of black sequins. As far as Merry Meri t-shirts go, this one's a home run. Problem is it's missing, as in, several weeks and 1 wash have gone by and I can't find my bespectacled, sequin owl anywhere. And by "anywhere" I mean, the drawer where I sorta looked for it.

I seem to always be missing 1 beloved or vital article of clothing. For example, there was a period of several months last year when my black bra was completely MIA. For most of this past summer, a favorite cream tank top was "lost and gone forever". Except "forever" turned out to be "until I cleaned my closet and found it on the floor in the back" and MIA was actually just stashed in an old gym bag. The problem is, despite my facade of organization and tidiness, my closet, drawers and hamper are black holes of disorganization and I have this terrible habit when something goes missing of "looking" for it the way your Dad/Husband "looks" in the fridge and declares the mustard impossible to find (and all Mom/You do to find it is move the milk). Instead of launching a truly thorough search for my missing items, I tend to lift a few things, check a possible location or two and then just wait until it eventually turns up. For an owl t-shirt this is acceptable, for your black bra it's downright idiotic (refusing to purchase a new bra, I used a black strapless as my primary black bra for months). So now that I've taken the time to write a blog post about a missing object I'm not putting in the time to locate, join me in the wishful thinking that this weekend when I empty my hamper to do laundry, I magically locate my long lost owl T... because it just might be trapped at the bottom of my hamper, under the giant elephant stuffed animal I also "put away" by storing it in there (don't judge:)

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