Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

awww twinsies!
Happy Hump Day my fellow this-is-the-longest-week-ever endure-ers! Though the minutes seem to be dragging by this week, we've finally made it to the halfway point and I couldn't be more thrilled. Also bored, but mostly thrilled. Is it Friday yet!?

* These brilliant shadow sculptures really blew my mind. So creative!
* Remember when (parent)thetically speaking told us about her adorable toddler's musings? This simple craft is a great way to save those charming child moments forever (the examples are pretty darn adorable too!)
* Just when I thought I couldn't love hockey any more than I already do... THIS.
* An elegant take on baked ziti sure to satisfy your winter comfort food cravings.
* So THIS is pretty magical.
* Hairbands transformed into sparkly, sweet tiaras? Someone get me some pipe cleaners!
* I waited and contemplated and now my size is sold out. DOH!!!
* If NYC was turned into a Super Mario game.
* What's the weirdest thing about your state? (Here in New York we've got an upside down bridge!!)

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