Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Literal Photographic Memory

I love photography. Ever since my Dad gave me my first DSLR camera so that I could "major" in photography at summer camp (USDAN Center for the Creative and Performing Arts, I heart you!) I've been hooked on viewing the world through a lens. When I walk around I often "see pictures" in the light, colors and sites around me. When I'm with loved ones, I am always trying to capture moments so I can save them forever - a collection of literal photographic memories that tell the story of my life.

Dr. H has become accustomed to my photobsession over the years - he slows his pace when he sees I'm about to stop and bust out my camera/phone (so that I only have to jog a little to rejoin him on a stroll!) and he's developed an arsenal of ridiculous faces to be featured in my many many snapshops of him. And I try hard not to "lose" moments by always having my face behind a lens, but it's truly a compulsion to capture for me - when I spot beauty, on a big vacation or a boring morning commute, my desire to freeze time and revisit it later is uncontrollable. I just need to try to get the picture!!! Do any of you suffer from photobsession? Is it really such a bad thing!?

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