Thursday, December 5, 2013

The World Isn't Such a Bad Place.

Straight ahead!
So here's the thing. I started writing a funny lil somethin for today's post, but then I woke up tired and it was grey and foggy and my motivation to be peppy and funny just sorta fizzled. I was all like "rise and shine it's a brand new day!" but the universe was like "are you crazy woman it's gross out, you should really stay in bed." So obviously I resolved this conflict by procrastinating on Facebook (how did people procrastinate before social media was invented!?) and thankfully a favorite Californian lady friend had shared a link titled "35 Pictures that Prove the World isn't Such a Bad Place". I was like "YES, more procrastination!!!" and clicked away...

By the time I got to this one, I wasn't just smiling, I'd actually become a little teary eyed:

So on this very grey and gloomy (and strangely warm and humid) Thursday, I strongly suggest you click HERE and get inspired by the insane amount of goodness that's out there in the world. Today we can be mushy and warm fuzzy, tomorrow I'll try to crack you up while explaining the debacle of my missing owl t-shirt.

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