Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Holiday Cheer. (hehe)
I think the most important thing to tell you right now is that last night I had bread that had bacon baked INTO it. You heard me, bacon embedded within fluffy, perfectly toasted, freshly baked bread. Blue Ribbon Bakery Kitchen, you are a sly little devil... And because maybe you aren't going to be distracted by the idea of bacon bread all day the way I will, here are some goodies from around the web to get you through Hump Day.

* This actually, kind of makes me want a pair of hamburger earmuffs for myself!
* Absolutely horrible and still completely hysterical... gotta love a good pun.
* THIS is the way every "year-in-review" holiday card should be done (ps- MILF/DILF much!?)
* I think I need THESE golden beauties...
* Lego creations by state, because toys aren't just for kids (be sure to click the individual images for the witty captions and a chance to buy each print for only $22!!) (via HonestlyWTF)
* A might tasty winter pasta recipe.
* A fantastic gift for your favorite New Yorker (eghm!!!)
* And speaking of New York... I'd never noticed the little black and white striped signs on subway platforms before, but now I always look.
* I must ride THIS swing.
* And lastly, we've seen some of these before, but they are just SO good. 

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