Friday, December 13, 2013

A Gift Guide, Guide.

Sparkle Baby!
Happy Friday my merry friends! I woke up with some extra pep in my step knowing that the happiest of happy hours was finally within reach and because the lovely Ms. (parent)thetically speaking and her hubby are in town for a little work trip/visit. Nothing like waking up to a favorite friend snoozing on your pullout couch:) It's a happy Friday indeed!! 

Here to take you into the weekend, one of our last before Christmas, is a roundup of holiday gift guides. Since every blogger on the planet has been posting gift guides all week, I thought I'd create the pièce de résistance, a "Gift Guide, Guide" (game over I win!). Check out my favorites of other people's favorites and then get shopping! (And because every Friday should have a funny, THIS is just.... HA!!!)

For the Ladies
* For adventurous chicas (love this whole list!) 
* For your female foodie (especially love these tea towels designed by Diana of exPress-o!)

For the Kiddos

High end gifts for Friends, Family & Lovers
Super glam Manhattan mama Marissa over at Lady & Prince has had some amazing guests post carefully curated lists on her blog. These lists all ooze elegance and though some items are pricey, they won't all break the bank! (this one is my fav I think!)

Plus! YouAreMyFave has been crushin it with creative gift wrap ideas (HERE

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  1. Thank you, thank you, sweetheart!!! So sweet of you to include my guide and I am so happy that you like the tea towels. Muah