Thursday, December 26, 2013

Healthy Habit of the Month XII.

This post is the 12th (and final!) installment of SeektobeMerry's "Healthy Habit of the Month" series. Sourced from my bff's at Weight Watchers, online articles and my own efforts to keep fit and trim, throughout 2013, I will attempt to integrate one new healthy habit into my life each month. Join me! 

I actually laughed out loud when I realized that it being the end of the month, we here in Merry-land are due for the year's final Healthy Habit of the Month. That's right, in the Christmas-cookie/leftovers/pass-the-gravy/stuck-in-sweatpants clusterf*ck of joy that is the holiday season, we're here to reflect on the past 11 months of healthy habits and add one more to the pile... sort of. 

Healthy Habit of the Month #12: Be Realistic.
I don't think I can do better than the quote in this month's image... So often fitness and diet goals are abandoned because they aren't achieved on a certain timeline or because sticking perfectly to a plan becomes overwhelming/seems impossible. I know first hand how incredibly tempting it is to throw in the healthy habit towel after a bad week (or just a bad night!!) But that's where our final Healthy Habit comes into play. Adding 12 new diet and fitness habits into our routines is ambitious business and not that we aren't all ambitious folks here, but let's be REAL. Let's pick 3 or 4 of the new habits that really worked and now that they're habit, absorb them as part of "the new you". For me, scheduling a workout, packing a snack and keeping track of my movement were three gold-star earning habits I implemented this past year. Now that they're Merry Meri perfected, I can spend 2014 exploring new ways to be a healthier me, knowing that I've made tremendous progress since the end of 2012. Maybe I didn't lose and maintain the number on the scale I'd hoped to (doh!) or become a person who lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle (I just love cheese too much!!) but I'm finishing the year in a better place than where I started and I hope that you are too!!! Cheers to all of us for 12 months of healthy habits and here's hoping this is only the start of a fitter, happier, healthier you!

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