Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's Tailgate Time!

Are you ready for some football!? With the start of the college and NFL football seasons these last two weekends, all my summer sun lounging outside days have devolved into "what time is kickoff?/where is the game on?" love affairs with my television. Tis the season!! Here to make sure your tailgate snacks are as game ready as your team (hopefully!) are some new game day recipes to take for a whirl. Game on!

THIS recipe claims that quesadilla glory is just 10 minutes away. Black beans and corn, salsa and seasoning, this is a game time or tailgate snack anyone can manage to pull off and it's sure to be a hit! (Pin it HERE)

While we're hitting the mexican-theme munchies, HERE's another "put it in a bite size cup" recipe for Mini Mexican Pizzas. An easy to follow recipe with just a few ingredients, you can do all the prep in advance and then pop these into the oven just before halftime for a mid-game treat! (Pin it HERE).

Has there ever been a more unexpected match made in culinary food heaven!? Avocados wrapped in bacon - easy, healthy(ish!?), bacon-y and delicious all at once. Check out the simple recipe (via Necessary Clothing of all places!) HERE (Pin it HERE)

So that pizza bread right there? How delicious does that look!? The full recipe for make-your-own-dough is right HERE or if you're like me and love the idea but hate the mess/effort/time involved, pop over to your favorite pizza shop and ask if they will sell you a pizza's worth of dough (many will!) Then follow the recipe from there. 

And of course there will be times when your team draws the early game and breakfast eats are called for, which is why there is THIS Breakfast Casserole w egg whites, bacon, spinach and smoked gouda recipe. It's time to up your kegs and eggs game my friends. (Pin it HERE)

Click HERE for a really easy and cute tutorial on turning your table into a football field!

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  1. Oh my goodness, this post is making me so hungry and the mini mexican pizzas look amazing. Have a great day, darling.