Monday, September 22, 2014

There is such thing, as too much of a good thing…

In the past 6 weeks I have travelled to Great Barrington, Massachusetts, Louisville, Kentucky, Charleston, South Carolina, Portland, Maine and New Orleans, Louisiana. I have eaten some of the tastiest meals and drank plenty to wash them down. I’ve done a lot of dancing. (And in my spare time I left the company I worked at for over 5 years and started my own business…)

I have eaten (quite) well and travelled (very) often, potentially maxing out my own life’s motto of “une view a plein bord” and now it’s time to reset. I need to get back to some sort routine, or figure out a new routine as the case may be (perhaps each work-from-home-day should still start with brushing my teeth!?). I need to start taking better care of myself including making time for eating right and exercise (because I’ve blown through my entire supply of elastic waist-band pants). And because taking on any daunting task is better with a buddy… I’m bringing y’all with me. Welcome to Wellness Week my friends, where each day we are going to commit to do 1 thing we’ve been meaning to do that’s good for us.

Wellness Week Day 1 - Schedule those Appointments
We’ve all got the health appointment we’ve just been “too busy” to schedule. The dentist or dermo or orthopedist to check out a nagging pain... well the delaying stops now. Today, commit to making that call and scheduling your overdue checkup. Make it a priority. I promise, your body will thank you!

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