Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Random Ranting...

Thinkin and doin.
Since yesterday's post was all grown up-serious-life-decisionsy, I thought today we needed a healthy dose of ridiculousness. Here's what's on my mind:

Random Thought #1
What the heck is up with Facebook Messenger!? Facebook is getting super pushy about downloading their new messaging App and I am having NONE of it. Not only does the app get terrible reviews, but I only rarely communicate via Facebook message so I have no need for a separate app, especially since my iPhone is already perpetually out of storage space (thanks to my photo hoarding). So why can't I just say "no thanks" and move on with my life you ask!? Because I keep getting a pesky little red (1) notification on my iPhone home screen and Facebook has now blocked my ability to read any Fbook messages I do receive on my phone unless I download the App. Well I won't. I will defy your little red notification and the messages will just have to wait until I'm at a computer. HA.

Random Thought #2
Fashion Week in NYC is about to kick off and that means it's time for the invasion of the models. This invasion is no joke. On the subway or strutting down the sidewalk, fashion week brings an insanely noticeable influx of giraffe-esque/all-legs/when-was-the-last-time-she-ate(!?) women to my city and this raises two issues for me: first, I feel like I should be walking around handing out cheeseburgers and second, where is my invitation to a fashion show?

And finally on a lighter note... I had to pop into Banana Republic this week to make an exchange and I noticed that they are straight up killin' it with their new fall line. I recommend you check it out.

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