Friday, September 12, 2014

Watch & Read.

Reading and Watching, my favorites!
As many of you know, I like to read and I like to watch tv (#LoverofLeisureActivities). And sometimes the universe delights and sends me a funny new television show or an "I can't put it down and go to sleep (even though it's 1am)" book and I'm over the moon about it. This summer, the universe sent me both (WOOOO!!!) so I thought "I gots to share with my merry friends!" Happy watching and reading (and happy Friday!) (#Iuseparenthasistoomuch)

* TV Show - You're The Worst
This show employed a brilliant strategy from the get-go: debut in late Aug-early Sept when there is absolutely no interesting scripted television to compete with. Found on FX Thursdays at 10:30, You're the Worst is an honest, raunchy, laugh-out-loud-while-cringing, comedy about 30 somethings falling in and out of love and finding themselves in the complicated "adult" world. And I promise it's not corny or contrived, it's good!! Filled with breakout stars from the leads to the supporting characters (my personal favorite is sassy best friend Lindsay played by Kether Donahue!) this new series is definitely the best thing I'm watching on tv right now (and the New Yorker likes it too which makes me feel very justified in this rave review!) Next week is the season finale (fingers crossed it gets picked up for a second!) so head over to your OnDemand screen and get caught up soon!!

* Book - Big Little Lies
Nothing beats finishing a thoroughly enjoyed book and Big Little Lies was just that. It was juicy while having a little depth, it was long but not terribly heavy and the pages flew by. Big Little Lies by Laura Moriarty is a good read!! Focused on the varied lives of three women living in Australia, BLL begins with a murder and then backtracks, all while delving into the psyches, pettiness, gossip and real-life struggles of being the parent of a kindergartener in a small wealthy town. The characters have more depth the more you read and what I assumed would be all fluff turned into a much more substantive plot with lessons to be learned and surprises from several characters. Not only would I highly recommend Big Little Lies as your next book, but I'm off to download Moriarty's previous tome, The Husband's Secret to keep the "I don't sleep I lay in bed and read" train going. Who needs sleep where there's a good book to be read!?


  1. I finally read The Husband's Secret and finished it in two days because it was good! Based on your recommendation, I'm going to read BLL. Also, You're the Worst is the best!!

  2. What Alice Forgot is another one of her books, and a great read!