Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wellness Week Day 2

Welcome Autumn!
How are we feeling today my merry friends? Are you with me on the road to a clearer mind (and full heart... can't lose!) Yesterday's mission of making an appointment is one and done on my end, and hopefully you too. Are you ready for our next Wellness Week task?

Wellness Week Day 2 Clean up & Catch up
Two of the things that really make me feel out of sorts are when things get messy and when I feel out of touch with my loved ones. Thankfully accomplishing both of these things at the same time is totally doable and who doesn't love a lil multitasking!? So today, plug your cell into headphones (two hands free for maximum productivity!) and tidy up your closet while you call your mom... go to the grocery store and catch up with your girlfriend. Chatting with a loved one while doing these slightly less than glamorous tasks makes the chore go faster and your heart gets a friendly dose of lovin too.

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