Tuesday, September 2, 2014

On change.

Are you sure!?!
Recently, I've had a lot of change in my life. For the first time in my career I switched jobs and not only that, but I went from a large company in an office to working for myself at a desk in my living room. Everything about my day to day is different and I haven't yet identified what my new "normal" will be. So naturally, when the paperwork (we'd been expecting) about the expiration of our apartment lease arrived, I completely freaked out. I'm talking "should we move somewhere where I can have a home-office?/but I love this apartment/but I want a dog/what about cost/houseguests/babies/neighborhoods?" full on Melt.Down. (Dr. H is a lucky guy huh?) The entire episode was not exactly my finest moment.

For me, change is good, but it is also hard. While I consider myself a fairly adventurous and open-minded person, what I crave is usually variety, not change. Lots of little options and opportunities, but nothing that causes a major upheaval. And the challenge when you're a little "change-averse" like myself, is knowing when to push yourself vs. accept the fact that "I am who I am".  How much change should I be forcing myself to cope with? Maybe if I just started a new job I don't also need to move to a new apartment or maaaaaybe if I muster up a little courage, moving to a bigger apartment will make my new job easier. I don't know!! 

So that's where I'm at. A tiny pit in my stomach and a nagging confused voice in the back of my brain. Change is good, but it is also hard.


  1. This post is so timely...We are in the same position...but not with jobs or flats just the "change" part....We are not sure which direction to take...which one is best for us...It's funny but I'm also not great with change and I usually have a hard time getting used to new things. So to all of us...good luck and fingers crossed that everything will work out! xoxo

  2. @Diana it must be something about the season - change is everywhere! I hope that knowing you aren't alone provides the same comfort that reading your note did for me. Lots of luck to you and the hubby, excited to know that in the end we are BOTH going to be in a better place (I just know it!) xox