Tuesday, September 30, 2014

An iPhone for all seasons...

Not my actual stash I swear!!
Today my brain is like bllllaaaaaahhhhh and my body is like meeeehhhhhhh and I'm like "what the heck should I write a blog post about, I just told these people I was going to start writing blog posts more regularly again." Uhhhh... How about this!? A confession! Here goes: I am addicted to buying iPhone cases. 

It's true. I own nearly a dozen cases, some of which are seasonally appropriate (thank you Buddy (ps, I swear I didn't pay $28 for that!)) some of which have more actual functional purpose (the Rifle Paper Co.'s "inlay" cases make your phone noticeably heavier/bulkier, but they also really protect it). The way I see it, our cell phones are our most used and viewable accessory so I think it's perfectly reasonable to dress it up or down depending on where you're headed and the time of year! Some favorite shops for iphone cases include Society 6, Rifle Paper Co., C Wonder, J Crew, Kate Spade (sale bin for all 3 of those!!) and Etsy. Shutterfly also has a wonderful collection of customizable cases which would make the perfect gift for a loving parent or grandparent come the holidays.

So next time you think about dressing up your phone in some drab old case, consider showing a little love to your most useful accessory. (ps- there's always THIS!)

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