Monday, September 29, 2014

What I'm watching...

The end of September is here which means we can all stop watching re-runs and Netflix and the bottom of the barrel shows left on our DVR and focus on the new and returning shows about to re-stake their claim on primetime. HOORAY! Being the tv junkie that I am, I thought I'd give you a little Fall 2014 TV lineup. What are you watching!?

New shows that have caught my eye:
As we all know, August and September means seeing an influx of marketing for all the network's new shows. Some will be awesome, most will be cancelled. Here's a list of the shows that have caught my eye
* How to Get Away with Murder - ABC Thursday @ 10pm
Another drama from hit-maker Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy and Scandal), this show about a criminal law professor and her students has definitely grabbed my attention. The first episode (last Thurs. was good, but I'm not totally sold yet).
* A to Z - NBC Thursday @ 9:30pm
I'm always on the lookout for a decent 30 minute comedy (I miss you Office and 30 Rock!) so this uniquely structured romantic comedy about an entire relationship is definitely going to get a chance. 
* Manhattan Love Story - ABC Tuesday @ 8:30pm
This show gets a look purely because they've been filming it all over my neighborhood. The premise seems cute enough though, a budding romance in NYC with voiceovers sharing what's actually going on inside each characters mind. Let's see...
* Marry Me - ABC Tuesday @ 9pm
I love Ken Marion (since his Wet Hot American Summer Days) so this comedy featuring him and the show's writer's real life wife (Casey Wilson of Happy Endings, a show that never did much for me) is worth a shot. A couple in love but vexed with silly complications!? Maybe.

And coming back for another season...
* Parks and Recreation - Left us with a big jump forward in time at the end of last season. Excited to see what this season has in store.
* Parenthood - This is one of the better shows on tv that not nearly enough people are watching. Coming in for it's final season, this complex family drama is totally worth getting caught up on.
* Scandal - Though I worry that this show's schtick may be getting a bit tired, I'm not nearly ready to give up on Olivia and her band of gladiators.
* Nashville - A prime time soap opera with live country music, the mom from Friday Night Lights (love you Connie Britton) and a surprisingly impressive Hayden Panettiere... highly entertaining and a good filler for my otherwise available Wednesday night!
* New Girl - This show wavers for me, but when it's funny, it's really funny. The show is at its best when the ensemble feeds off one another, but especially scene stealing Nick and Schmidt. Watch for a laugh.
* Homeland - Enough said.

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