Tuesday, March 25, 2014


"panty lines" hehe.
Ladies, this post is for you, because I've got to know... how much do you care about panty lines!? Visible panty lines, known in many circles as "VPL" (there's a Facebook group!) are something I've personally always taken quite seriously, because as someone with a rather large booty, the last thing I need is to be drawing lines around and through it for all the world to see. And for those who prefer not to take the easy out and just wear thongs (or for when even a thong is visible) countless brands make "no panty lines" a selling point, from everyday wear companies like Jockey to higher end lines like Hanky Panky... avoiding the dreaded VPL is apparently a priority for a great many women.

But there is a small camp of women (or maybe it isn't small? are you out there ladies!?) who say to hell with caring about their panty lines and aspire for comfort above all else. A few weeks back, when I was woefully behind on laundry, I thought I too could be a woman who said "F it, I'm wearing panties and who cares what you can see!" until I walked past a mirror and noticed the clear definition of my butt... and an overflow of "side butt" in my reflection. It was not pretty... In that moment, I decided that I am officially a woman who cares (a lot!) about panty lines, so whether it's butt floss, designer skivvies or good old commando, this chick is not interested in anything that even vaguely resembles THIS. What about you!?


  1. I LOVED reading this post and I also care (a lot) .... brilliant, sweetie. Have a great day. xoxo

  2. @Diana I'm so glad you loved instead of thought I was a totaly weirdo/over-sharer!! "Just say NO to VPL!!" xox.

  3. im with you sis! VPL are definitely not okay with me

  4. I think they are sexy. Nothing wrong with highlighting a nice body! Not only that, but who wants to spend more on underwear that allegedly gets rid of vpl, like thongs or spanx. Can still see thong lines, and I'm not paying $$$ for spanx. Expensive underwear? Girl please.