Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

Sea Horse. (hehe)
Hey hey hump day... what's cookin good lookin!? Today I'm taking the "if I act super pumped about everything, everything will be awesome" approach. Nothing slays being overtired and kinda uninspired like an extra dose of faux-enthusiasm. AmIRight!? Here to help us all survive the week and get over the hump is a heaping pile of distractions from around the web. Enjoy!!

* If you've got time (and if you don't, bookmark it for later) I highly recommend THIS article about how to excel in your 30s. The author collected from his >30 readers what they would tell their 30 year old selves and the results are inspiring (at least to this nearly 30 year old lady!) 
* An awesome craft for the iPhone case addicted (such as myself)
* This bulldog-daughter combo makes me lust for a bulldog all over again. Amazeballs.
* Rainbow bookshelf anyone!?
* Thinkin it might be time for another 30-day challenge. Abs, I'm comin for ya.
* And while we're getting fit and trim for bikini season.
* And to balance life out, this list is the opposite of abs and bikinis and it all sounds delicious:)
* New baby buggy. Shut up.
* The worst is finding out about awesome things like this, AFTER it's sold out.
* Ready to have your mind blown!?


  1. In all my current free time (3am anyone?), I'm going to start making awesome iPhone cases! Love that idea!!

  2. So simple but yet SO awesome right @Jodi!? Good luck with your 3am crafting :)