Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Yeeeaahhh buddy!
Is it strange that I find today's forecast of 90 degrees and sunny to be absolutely THRILLING!? Summer weather appears to be back in full force so this cubicle-bound girl has just crossed all her fingers and toes that the heat lasts until the weekend. Also, am I super lame for talking about the weather so often? Who cares, I lurve me some summer sun! Here to get us all over the hump are some delight distractions from around the web. Happy clicking!!

* John Steinbeck's 1958 letter on love transcends time.
* A fascinating slideshow documenting the impact Mayor Bloomberg has had on New York City.
* This braided crown looks adorable and easy to execute - that's my kinda hairdo! (via ExPress-o)
* Some of THESE photos are in fact pretty damn awesome.
* Too much time on his hands or Vine video genius?
* THIS article has been making the rounds on my Facebook feed. It applies to everyone (not just parents!)
* A simple, sweet way to make your party balloons look pretty.
* If Disney Princesses had Instagram. Freakin brilliant!
* Some awesome prank inspiration.

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