Thursday, August 22, 2013

Healthy Habit of the Month VIII.

One day in the belly of Merry Meri. What can I say? I eat!
This post is the eighth installment of SeektobeMerry's "Healthy Habit of the Month" series. Sourced from my bff's at Weight Watchers, online articles and my own efforts to keep fit and trim, throughout 2013, I will attempt to integrate one new healthy habit into my life each month. Join me!

Month number eight!! Can you believe it!? Eight months into our "be a healthier me" journey, I hope you're feeling some benefits. Though I am far from a model of health and wellness (not addressing that mac cheese addiction just yet... or ever:) setting these monthly mini goals has made me much more aware of my health-related decisions and I definitely feel a modest level of results. I make better choices and have more control over the "badness" of my bad ones... for us non-celebrity/athlete mere mortals, I think that's a realistic goal to shoot for. So what are we up to this month you ask???
Healthy Habit of the Month #8: Pack a snack
Did you know that snacking can actually be good for your health!? According to the USDA, the average American eats 2.2 snacks per day and gets 1/4 of her total calories from snacks! The key is to snack smart, because if you do, you can get some amazing benefits like increased overall energy (no blood sugar dips and crashes!), better appetite control (no desperate trips to the vending machine) and better concentration (people who eat healthy snacks tend to have increased focus and performance!!). So for this month's healthy habit, we are all going commit to packing a snack Whether it's throwing a bar in your purse, stocking your desk with a bunch of great options (I've got popcorn, almonds, turkey jerky and protein shakes stashed in my cube like a may-jah fatty!) or taking the time to prepare fresh snacks when you're packing your lunch, this month don't forget to pack a snack!!

For some awesome simple snack inspiration, click HERE; For quick/easy store bought options, click HERE; and for some kinda fancy but still totally doable ideas, click HERE.

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