Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nailed it.

A rainbow of options
I am a nail polish addict. I loathe going more than a day without color on both my fingers and toes whether I polish them myself (I have quite the colorful collection) or venture out for a mani/pedi by professionals (if you're in NYC, Il Villaggio downtown is my jam!) As I mentioned once before, I am totally into the latest trend of bold and funky nail designs, but there's also something elegant and chic about a solid gorgeous palate on all 10 digits. Even though I'm not ready to think about fall apparel or accessories (*shudder*), I think I can stomach talking nails, so here for your toesies and fingertips is some inspiration for the months ahead.

This funky design could be a perfect pop for the wedding I'm attending this October.

I love this rich and sassy shade of red ("Oxblood" by Essie) for everyday wear in the fall.

Starry Starry Night by Essie. Another stunning dark color perfect for a fancy occasion

I've done the glittered tips before and gotten a ton of compliments. 
I think this combo could be a perfect way to kick up to classic grey polish for fall.

Ombre doesn't have to be reserved for your hair. Hopefully you have a very patient nail salon and can convince them to take this trend for a spin! (PicturedEssie colors "To Buy or Not To Buy", "Bikini so Teeny", "Smooth Sailing", "Mezmerised", & "Midnight Cami".)

I don't think I've ever seen "chrome" or "mirrored" polish at my nail place before, 
but I'm determined to take it for a test drive this fall.

Nail color tip: I am always struggling to remember the ridiculous names of the colors I love. To help stay organized, I snap a picture of my post-manicure hands holding the bottle, name-side facing up, and keep the images in a folder on my phone. When I want to repeat (or stay away) from a past color choice, all I have to do is check my lil nail gallery for the name:) 

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