Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

My milkshake brings all the...
Here we are, just chugging along somewhere between Monday and Friday, am I right? I've got a most-favorite ladies trip to Atlantic City comin' in hot this weekend, so I'm pretty much just staring at the clock waiting to hit the road. Here to help us all pass the time are some delightful distractions of the internet variety. Happy clicking!

* THIS seems to confirm that the dudes in Mumford and Sons are pretty awesome...
* When uber-geek meets uber-rich, this wedding is what happens (be sure to click the link to see the photo slideshow!)
* A simple and adorable way to cheer up your votive candles for a party.
* A devoted four legged friend will go with you anywhere, even the bathroom?
* Dr. H... the war of the beard wages on (am I winning!?)
* Mother's occupation? Princess of the United Kingdom of course.
* SF to NY in under 1 hour. Do you think THIS really could happen? (via CapitalHillStyle)
* Creamy Caprese Quinoa Bake, since you folks can't get enough of these quinoa recipes (on Pinterest HERE)
* Some pretty fantastic advice on turning 30 from Olivia Wilde.
* THESE photos will blow ya mind.
* A totally awesome panhandler prank (for anyone who has ever rode public transportation).

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