Friday, August 30, 2013

Click and Run.

Get on it.
Before you head off into your long weekend, I have a few requests for my loyal readers. Pretty pretty please (with sugar on top!) take a minute to connect to SeektobeMerry in a few great places:

Click HERE to like SeektobeMerry on Facebook (Get my daily post in your newsfeed!)
Click HERE to follow Merry Meri on Pinterest (I'm an awesome pinner!)
Click HERE to follow Merry Meri on Twitter (I tweet daily posts and more!)
Click HERE to follow SeektobeMerry on Bloglovin (an excellent blog aggregator site)

Not only are these things helpful to you, but your connecting with the blog helps me grow my traffic, which just might help me (maybe, someday) make writing in this happy little space something I could do on a may-jah scale (and that would be oh so lovely!) So please take a minute to do some clickin... then get the hell off your computer and go enjoy this last bit of summer!

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