Tuesday, September 3, 2013

And then it was September...

Back to life, back to reality....
Hello my merry friends! I hope that you had a wonderful long weekend and that getting up and out this morning wasn't too brutal. To kick off the shortened week and the month of September, I thought I'd share some goodies from around the web of the food-loving variety... because nothing lifts my spirits like some tasty grub. Happy munching:)

THESE 27 "food hacks" are going to blow your mind!!!
Holy COW!

Get in my belly!
THIS recipe for "Creamy Greek Yogurt Mac & Cheese" from Cooking ala Mel looks absolutely incredible 
(and is absolutely on my dinner "to do" list!)

Another simple, tasty way to get some quinoa into your diet: with spinach and goat cheese (YUM!) 
Full recipe via Pass the Yum HERE).

This is gonna get juicy!
Can't get away from the BBQ just yet? (I don't blame you!) 
Here are 5 alternatives to the standard burger bun which I think all deserve a try.

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  1. Happy September, lovely! That Mac & Cheese looks so good. Muah