Monday, September 23, 2013

Healthy Habit of the Month IX.

This post is the ninth installment of SeektobeMerry's "Healthy Habit of the Month" series. Sourced from my bff's at Weight Watchers, online articles and my own efforts to keep fit and trim, throughout 2013, I will attempt to integrate one new healthy habit into my life each month. Join me!

How are we doing my fitter, healthier, more productive friends? I am going to come right out with it and confess that this past month was not exactly the definition of health for me. My Jawbone Up band broke (it's been replaced, but those tracker-less weeks were weird!) and lots of travelling rocked healthy habits from my weekly work outs to packing snacks and filling up on fruits and veggies. Don't even get me started on sleep... Thankfully last week I had time to do a bit of a reboot and instead of letting it all go to hell, now I'm feeling empowered to get back to healthy living (with the occasional chili cheese fries of course). Every day is a new day to make good decisions right? And speaking of good decisions...

Health Habit of the Month #9: Drink Up!
Did you know that about 40% of Americans drink less than half of recommended amounts of water each day!? Recently, the First Lady launched a new campaign urging people to make an effort to choose water over sugary and caffeinated drinks and to generally increase their water intake. Though the campaign has received some criticism, most resources out there agree that drinking water is real good for us! Water is credited with maintaining a healthy internal balance (bodily fluids are involved in digestion, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature), aiding with weight control (drink a little more and you'll likely eat a little less!), maintaining high energy levels (water helps replenish muscles) and fresh, healthy looking skin (dehydration leads to drying and cracking). This month, commit to drinking enough water every day ("enough" should be more than a couple glasses - so that you aren't thirsty and your potty trips are "mostly clear") and help make that happen by keeping a favorite water bottle nearby. If it's there, I bet you'll drink it! And if water isn't your favorite, investing in a Sodastream and making your own seltzer is another great way to get the H20 you need! Happy drinking :)

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