Thursday, September 5, 2013

Uhhh... Hump Day?

Well would you look at that..!
So yesterday, I now realize, was Hump Day... A fact which kinda, sorta slipped my mind in this post-Labor Day/Jewish New Year/what day is it? week. Wow, I'm losin it. Not wanting to deny you the distractions you absolutely deserve and possibly need, check out this week's goodies from around the web below. And for those of you celebrating today, L'shana tova!! May today be the start of a happy and sweet new year:)

* Komorebi, the Japanese word for when sunlight filters through trees (& other "untranslatable" delights via CupofJo)
* Dearest sassy shoe, where can I buy you?
* I especially love all the 47/50th street stop images... I visit that station every day when I go to work!
* That wallpaper. Kid room perfection!
* 7 nifty tricks for shedding a few pounds.
* Learn to make tiny, adorable birds.
* Some helpful tips for mining Craig's List gold .
* The story of one man's brilliant bike thief revenge.
* Bookmark this one for a crappy day... 60 tiny love stories that will warm your heart.

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