Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The power of pictures...

a moment in (summer) time.
This morning on my walk to the subway, I made peace with the fact that my most favorite season of the year is behind us. Though I'm still holding out hope for some "Indian Summer" weather (gimme just a few more hot, sunny Saturday/Sundays please!), this morning the air felt crisp and refreshing and I allowed myself to daydream about the new outfits I'll be sporting with my recent "for fall" purchases (utility jacket and ankle booties anyone!? Fall fashion post coming soon...!) But more than the lovely morning stroll and elaborate mental conversation I was having with myself about my wardrobe, I think I'm ready to accept the end of summer because of the little photo viewing sesh I enjoyed last night. Last night I went on Facebook and viewed the albums I'd created over the course of the summer. Reviewing late May, June, July and August in succession, I realized that though the season seemed to go to fast (doesn't it always?) and the weather felt generally grey and uncooperative (it often was), I had a pretty awesome, friend-filled, action packed summer. 

Do you ever look back on photos to lift your mood? I find that pulling an album off the shelf, clicking through images on the computer or scrolling through old iPhone snaps can be an amazing mood booster because the pictures we take are all moments we thought were worth capturing and saving. When I looked back, I realized I'd forgotten about so much - the amazing Saturday Dr. H and I spent biking through Brooklyn and all the different people we carved out special time to be with... I felt content when I realized that this summer was 100% a good, freakin time.

So next time your mood needs a boost, look at some pictures you haven't seen in a while... because revisiting how wonderful life has been in the past can make you even more appreciative of your place in the present.

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