Monday, September 30, 2013

Peels Please

Over the weekend, as I was diving into a tasty Peels tuna salad sandwich, I realized that it's been a while since I did a restaurant review over here and man oh man is Peels worthy of a mention! I discovered Peels, located at 325 Bowery St. (btw E 2nd & 3rd) thanks to a favorite fellow blogger, Rebecca over at The Daily Muse. Always looking to expand my restaurant repertoire, Dr. H and I eventually made a visit of our own and Peels lived up to expectations!

The first thing to love about Peels is the decor. The gorgeous exposed brick, tin ceilings, wood bar, green booths and crown moldings are so beautiful, I wouldn't mind one day having a home that feels just like Peels inside. Peels also has a solid amount of outdoor seating which is great for sunny Sunday morning brunching. Then of course, there is the food:

Tuna Salad Sandwich image via Foodspotting
Though I have only been to Peels for brunch/lunch (served all day!), my love affair with their cuisine is so strong that I'm going to guess dinner is a home run too. I've tested all matter of their eggs, their salads are made with greens so fresh you can taste the healthiness and their pastries, from biscuits and bread to muffins and donuts are straight up killa. But for the Peels pièce de résistance, one absolutely must order the "Build a Biscuit"....

"Build-a-Biscuit" image via Foodspotting
The Peels Build-a-Biscuit invites you to pile on to a (super tasty) buttermilk biscuit any (or all!) of the following: eggs, bacon, sausage, fried chicken, country ham, avocado, cheese and gravy. When the bartender (awesome bloody mary's in case you were wondering) proposed I order his personal favorite of scrambled eggs, fried chicken, bacon, pimento (or was it jalapeno?) cheese and gravy, I couldn't say no (and was thrilled that I didn't!) Gluttony well spent, my biscuit was hands down one of the best breakfasts I've ever eaten.

With large upstairs and down stairs dining rooms (plus outdoor seating), a basic menu which gets manageably adventurous while sticking to a reasonable price point and truly delicious food, Peels is an awesome spot for brunch, lunch (and I'm sure dinner!) with friends. (PS- they also deliver!)

Note: Unless otherwise attributed, all images shown are the work of Rebecca Baust, The Daily Muse. She is an amazing photographer <-- click here to see more.

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