Friday, September 13, 2013

Back on track!

Sounds about right...
Do you ever find yourself in a mental place where you can just feel that change is on the horizon? There's been something of a slow build for Dr. H and I lately, tons of moving parts, aspirations, travel and juggling and I just have this sense that the winds of change are set to start blowin... I wonder? Oh fall, you are so transitional and contemplative!!!

Anywaysss, since I've been a bit distant from you all lately, I thought I'd take today to catch you up on some very important things:
1) I made a haircut appointment for the end of this month and I'm planning to go for something kinda like THIS cut in THESE colors (no pink this time!). Or do I get brave and chop straight to THIS!?
2) I have been the worstest healthy habit keeper on the planet. I don't think I've made my own lunch in like 2 weeks and I'm not doing much better when it comes to dinner. Time to get back to the basics am I right? Looking forward to cooking THIS and THIS soon.
3) From Pinterest, to the website, coming soon to my closet (all on my phone!) I'm envisioning it with army green skinny jeans and ankle booties.
4) Just how "off" are things? There's been no toilet paper or paper towels in my apartment for the past 24 hours. Let's just say it was a tissue-ful morning for me and the Mister.
5) I think you need to stop everything you're doing and make THESE right now.
6) Today is Friday the 13th!!! Be careful out there my friends!!!

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