Thursday, September 26, 2013

Want to see something amazing!?

Facing south in the 86th St. cavern (where the station will be)
Little known fact - I am an absolute geek for mass transit systems, especially NYC's. I actually love riding the subway each day (save for a few sardine-in-a-can rush hour mornings) and find cruising on a city bus to be a genuinely relaxing way to get around town (such good people watching!) Given this love affair, you can imagine my excitement about the city's current major construction project - the building of a brand spankin' new subway line! Planned and occasionally worked on since 1929 (!) "The Line That Time Forgot" has been a mythical promise to the subway-less east side of Manhattan for decades (even getting mentioned as a real estate perk in this past season of Mad Men!)

This is happening under 86th street... right NOW!
This week, the MTA, led members of the press 160 feet below street level for a tour of portions of the Second Avenue Subway, which led to these amazing photos of the 65-foot-tall cavern that will become the 86th Street station.

What is this? A subway station for ANTS?
The first phase of the Second Avenue Subway is slated to open in December of 2016 with a projected daily ridership of 200,000. These people will all be coming over from NYC's current 4, 5, and 6 trains, which FYI have a daily ridership greater than Chicago and Boston's subways combined!!!

Northbound tunnel between 72nd and 86th (as seen from 86th)
The 96th Street cavern
The total cost of the 8.5-mile 2nd avenue line is expected to be over $17 billion (NYC doesn't mess around). If you want to geek out a little harder, visit THIS great Gothamist article for more pictures and information.

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