Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

The Mystery Section.
Welcome to Hump Day, the one day of the week when just getting through it is considered a major victory. Is Friday in your sites yet!? I've got an awesome weekend in the queue so every spare second is being spent daydreaming about my niece and nephew, a mexican dinner, little orphan Annie (on Broadway!) and a big girls tea party (awesome right!?) Here to help bring our daydreams just a little closer to reality are some distraction from around the web. Happy Wednesday!!!

* Beautiful and terrifying at the same time... if you love the ocean, THESE are for you
* Soooo, when can I move in?
* Slim-Fast wants dieters to look good doing the reverse cowgirl. Honesty is awesome.
* Lookin sharp NYC.
* I want to visit THIS bridge real bad (<-- something I never thought I'd say!)
* Dishing some ((un) warranted) celebrity hater-aide.
* No sh*t (better get some more water cups!)
* Fabulously adorable birthday dinner decor
* I would eat that "Walk Off" and that "Stratsburger" too.
* This is what diversity in fashion looks like.
* Just when you thought you knew the lowest depths of a Bridezilla...
* Dancing babies in fashionable adult-wear aka, adorable.
* Beauties in bloom.
* Sometimes you've just gotta dance. Hardcore.

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