Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A little makeup might do the dudes good...

Just a simple 18 step process gentlemen (note: NOT my actual makeup routine!)
Last night, as Dr. H plodded off to bed while I remained in the bathroom washing makeup off my face, I got to thinking about the fact that men don't wear makeup. Now I wasn't facewash-daydreaming about this concept in a gender norms, political/feministy way; I was literally just wondering "why don't men bother to use products that enhance their features and mask things that make them feel self-conscious!?" Because you have to admit, even though makeup can be a biotch to apply and remove, when properly utilized, the impact of makeup is pret-ty fantastic (goodbye blemish, hello gently flushed cheeks and long dark lashes!) 

As I moved on to patting dry and applying moisturizer (I told you I have a ridiculous bedtime routine) I actually started to feel a little bad for men, who, because of social norms, don't really get to enjoy the benefits of dark-circle concealers or face brightening lip glosses. Though I imagine most men don't want all (or any!) of these things complicating their  lives, as a lady, it's funny to imagine how much better dudes might look if they took some notes from those helpful folks over at Sephora. Seriously. Because as my mom once said, "make-up is such a pain in the ass, but man does it make ya look good!!"

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