Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Eats

Every year, the arrival of warmer, brighter evenings makes the effort of preparing a fresh dinner far more appealing. Even after a long day at the office, something about throwing open the kitchen window and whipping up a tasty meal for me and the hubs is extremely satisfying. Add a crisp glass of white wine and some lively tunes and I'm all smiles. Here to help you freshen up your repertoire and satisfy your tummy are a few new recipes for your cooking enjoyment!

Orrecchiette awesomeness
Even though Kale is all the rage lately, I've yet to cook it in my own home. Prepping a new veggie for the first time is kinda scary (too wilty, too crispy, no flavor, that smell!), but thanks to THIS simple recipe, kale is on the menu for tonight! Orecchiette with wilted spinach, kale and toasted pine nuts... I hope you're hungry Dr. H.

Because everything is better when you combine it with pasta, here's an awesome "summer" pasta dish featuring fresh tomatoes, feta and spinach (maybe add some greek olives as well if you're feeling adventurous!?) Keep it vegetarian or serve next to some grilled shrimp for a bit of extra protein and flavor!

So healthy... I might need to add a carb!
For me, eating healthfully throughout spring and summer is much easier than during fall and winter. I actually crave lighter fare and more fresh veggies once the weather gets warm. Hoping to get a little variety into my chicken repertoire, this 5-ingredient balsamic poached chicken recipe will be making a debut in my kitchen soon (perhaps with a side of sliced sweet potatoes or that orzo up above!?)

crockpot mexican chicken
A summer chili! For reals!
No need to send your crock pot off to hibernate until the fall thanks to this tasty Mexican bean and chicken recipe. As usual, Pinch of Yum breaks the deliciousness down into a few easy steps and ingredients meaning you can get this started before you head to the office and come home ready to devour a tasty meal (perfect for a night when you want to hit the gym after work!!) For even more mexican crockpot goodness, click HERE.

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