Thursday, April 25, 2013

Grown Up Bedtime Stories

My bedtime friends Grandfather Time, Talking Mickey Mouse and Teddy Ruxpin
Did you have a toy that read you stories as a kid? I had not one, but three "read to me" creatures over the course of my childhood, because nothing says nighty night like a cassette tape controlled animatronic mouse or a grandfatherly-voiced clock (I freakin LOVED these things). Likely in part because I wasn't permitted to have a television in my bedroom, but mostly because I'm a true geek at heart, I loved dozing off to the sound of a story being read to me... nothing to look at, just close your eyes and listen. Well good news story loving grownups, I have found the perfect adult bedtime story source - Podcasts!

No doubt late to the Podcast party, I recently started listening to "This American Life" and "Fresh Air" on NPR, "The Moth" and Learn out Loud's U.S. Presidents Podcast (I wasn't kidding about the geek thing!) Snuggled into bed, Dr. H and I listen to interesting factoids about Theodore Roosevelt or incredibly researched stories on everything from crazy coincidences to Israeli troops in the West Bank ("This American Life" is far and away our mutual favorite). And you know what's even more amazing!? All the Podcasts I subscribe to are FREE!! So even though my iPhone doesn't wear an adorable outfit or sing me a song before signing off each night (M-I-C...K-E-YYYY) Podcasts exist on every topic under the sun, making them the perfect place to find your very own adult bedtime story.

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