Monday, April 29, 2013

(Wonderful) Weekend in Review

Hiding from Monday!
There are few things more fantastic than a weekend's worth of plans turning out just as fabulously as you'd built them up in your head to be. So in an attempt to roll around in the awesomeness that was my weekend for just a little while longer (and because if it made me merry, I bet it will make you feel that way too!) here's a recap of my 2 days and 2 nights of weekend glory!

* Dos Caminos Soho
Dinner under the stars...
There are several Dos Caminos restaurants throughout NYC, but the W. Broadway & Houston location is my personal favorite. Nestled into an otherwise bustling corner with a large gated outdoor seating area, you get to enjoy delicious Mexican cuisine with an awesome outdoor ambiance. Far and away my favorite Mexican chain in the city (yup, I'd choose it over Rosa Mexicana) head to Dos Caminos Soho for your next evening of tequila, guacamole and al fresco goodness.

* Annie on Broadway
Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!
As a kid, Annie was on constant replay in my VCR, so when I heard that the show was returning to Broadway, I knew it would be a Meri must-see. Thankfully, little nieces are perfect companions for such adventures and in the end, I'm not sure which of us enjoyed the show more! The child actors were bursting with talent, Miss Hannigan was as hysterically cruel as ever and the sets and costumes were perfect. Sticking mostly to the original story line (a few changes at the end weren't bothersome) Annie on Broadway fulfilled all my redheaded orphan-loving desires. A must see for those who believe the sun will always come out tomorrow:)

* Keste
Can't go wrong with fresh out of the oven...
Tasty thin crust brick oven pizza, loaded with a variety of fresh toppings, in combinations beyond imagination. Salivating yet? Keste, located on Bleecker St in the W. Village is a fantastic lil pizza joint, with charming ambiance and a salad/appetizer menu that perfectly rounds out your meal. Now serving gluten free pizza so tasty that it's hard to tell the difference (seriously) Keste has something for everyone. (Note: Keste is prone to long wait times during peak dining hours. Consider early eats (we went at 5:30pm) and breeze right to your table).

* Pop Bar

Yum on a stick.
Only in NYC does "Handcrafted Gelato on a Stick" get it's own institution, but thank goodness it does. Pop Bar is a Merry Meri and Dr. H new discovery which continues to impress (the niece and nephew gave it 4 thumbs up). A ridiculous variety of gelato pop flavors are served plain or expertly dipped in fresh chocolate and other crunchy ingredients (pistachios, sprinkles, coconut, etc) to order. Located on Carmine St at 6th Ave (right around the corner from Keste!) I'm certain Pop Bar will be a frequent way to keep cool during the approaching hot summer nights.

* Alice's Tea Cup
For Birthdays and very merry unbirthdays alike!
Holy adorable overload, I am in love with a tea shop! The brilliant idea of a girl friend looking to mix up our usual "dinner and drinks" birthday celebrations, my party of 7 enjoyed unlimited tea, scones, cake, cookies and mini sandwiches in a sunny Alice in Wonderland themed "tea room". With three locations throughout Manhattan, Alice's is perfect for everything from brunch with the ladies (our unlimited menu was just $47 including tax and tip!) to a bridal shower or kid's birthday party (we were very jealous of the face paint jobs on the little ladies attending a party in the private back room!)

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