Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

A very merry Wednesday to all of you my friends! I'm feeling especially cheery today thanks to some exciting developments here in blog land. First, the infamous Ann Marie Slaughter of recent Why Women Still Can't Have it All fame "favorited" my tweet about THIS post the other night, which means she read it and even better, she liked it! Be still my aspiring writer heart:) And yesterday brought record breaking traffic to SeektobeMerry meaning more people than ever before stopped by the site!! I guess yous just needed to find a little joy(Big thanks to my fabulous Sis-in-Law for the shout out!) And as if that wasn't enough, I have some very exciting new content news in the works for you... It's all just very merry stuff. Anyways... you're probably all "good for you Mer, get to the distractions," so, without further adieu - here's a whole bunch just for you! Happy Humping:)

* "Don't lick my arm, that's what weird kids do" and other brilliantly illustrated kid quotes from one hip Dad.
* What a brilliant way to test out a new NYC neighborhood before buying
* Bath time for baby sloths. Even more adorable than you're imagining.
* A cat/dog love story.
* Heaven is a salad that actually looks delicious.
* Maybe this time the odds will be ever in her favor!?! (Yaaaaaaaay!)
* And while we're watching trailers, the brilliant Christopher Guest has something for you.
* Another perspective on the women/work/home/balance debate. Why going back to the home kinda rocks...
* Why can't we see ourselves as beautifully as others do? (and THIS brilliant response to the ad)
* In case you are interested in how to create the most realistic T-Rex noises
* Cannot believe I left THIS awesome show off my "What we're watching" post! When a show is on your dvr and the soundtrack is on your iPod, the execs must be doing something right!
* Mmmm boozy summer bike rides (or ditch the food, bring just the vino) (via ExPress-o)
* If I had a dog, I would definitely dress him up.

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