Friday, April 19, 2013


Beautiful Boston.
So there's a real-life episode of 24 happening in Boston right now. A city in lock-down, a madman on the loose and gunfire in the streets. It is completely surreal. Because I cannot do anything more than send thoughts and prayers of safety to those affected by this bizarre and still unfolding tragedy, I thought I would try to keep it light on this otherwise sunny spring Friday. Because you have to smile when you see something as adorable as this:

or this:

And we can take a small amount of comfort in knowing that incredible sweatshirts like THESE are available for purchase (got my eye on that giant Goldfish one):

And in case you were wondering what the most races won by a sheep is...
World's fastest sheep
165 of 179 entered. That's one speedy sheep.
Click HERE for other outrageous animal world records.

Here's wishing for a lighter, safer, lovely weekend.

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