Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cricket, Cricket (the sound of silence).

I'd love to...
I don't know what I feel like blogging about today. It's one of those rare moments when surely I have something to say, but actually, I don't really have anything to say at all. My brain is all mushed up with inconsequential things like...
- I have a banana, but what I really want is an everything bagel with a mountain of cream cheese and lox on it.
- I wonder if the trendy one-piece bathing suit I ordered is going to look cute or terrible 
- I should go home, put on sweatpants and watch a marathon of "House of Cards" followed by "Roman Holiday" (which just became available on Netflix!) staring my icon crush Ms. Audrey Hepburn
- Maybe I should go get an iced coffee?
- Thanks Mom for providing this EXCELLENT distraction/writing assignment (because clearly I'm that geek reader who actually typed up and emailed a full response to his inquiry)

Like I said, it's a real mush in there today... THIS pretty much sums it up. Also, does anyone want to come over and make these with me sometime soon?
Sumo Wrestler Bowling Pins

I'm off to find something to satisfy the beast in my belly. We'll try this whole creative blog post thing again tomorrow.

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