Friday, December 7, 2012


Do you know what Sunday is? Sunday is Seektobemerry's FIRST BIRTHDAY! Remember this:


I'm Meri and this is my blog. I live in Manhattan and I am constantly exploring and searching for the beautiful and interesting things in life. I seek to be merry at all times and this blog is a collection of the thoughts and ideas I hope will take me there.
*   *   *
Well, one year and 252 posts later (I only missed like 10 days! Speaking of which, sorry about yesterday:) here we are. When I started this little side project, I had no expectations. I wanted a place to be creative, to write and to share internet goodness of the adorable, amusing, trendy and tasty varieties. Mission accomplished. And the best and most unexpected part!? YOU GUYS. Way more people than I'd ever imagined are reading STBM and the friendly feedback and fun comments I get from all of you make my day every.single.time. It seriously rocks. So thank you for reading - I hope the year ahead brings more merriment for us all.

To celebrate, here's a collection of some of my favorite, and some of the most popular, posts from the past year. I have no idea how I'll keep it interesting next year, so let's just enjoy this original content and worry about that later!! xoxo, m

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