Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

Could not wait 364 days to share this
Hellllooooooo out there..! Is anyone else at their computer!? Even worse... is anyone else at WORK!? Ick. Even though most of NYC is still huddled at home, some lucky folks like myself are back at their desks today which means distractions are a necessity. Since this is our last Hump Day of the year (can you believe it!?) I thought I'd collect some 2012 lists and other New Years related goodies for you. Happy humping!

* The 100 most astonishing images of 2012 (worth scrolling through the whole list, they're AMAZING).
* 300 films from 2012, in only 7 minutes.
* At least none of your wild holiday party nights ended like THIS (or maybe, awesome if it did!?)
* For those of you getting a jump start on next year's holiday list.
* The top albums of 2012 (agree or disagree?)
* Cookies for your New Years Eve party!
* In 2012 Apple put the iPhone into more hands than ever before. It brought with it Autocorrect. Thank you Apple.

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