Monday, December 10, 2012

Absolutely no effort at all.

I wish.
Today is grey, rainy, unseasonably warm, humid and pretty much just disgusting. Also it's Monday. As such, I have made absolutely no effort at all. Why wear makeup when you can just cover your face with your glasses? How about you put on those pants from the "Saturday outfit reject pile" in the corner of the room? Is your hair damp and flat from last night's shower? Ponytail!! This morning I looked out the window and knew that it was just one of those days when no amount of effort was going to make me feel glam, so I figured, why bother?! I consider it an accomplishment of epic proportion that I was able to drag my ass out of bed and into a coherent outfit at all. 
Looks like it's gonna be a wet one...
I personally think it's a-ok to take a day off from effort every once in a while. Really all I'm doing is saving my energy (and overpriced hair/makeup products) for a day when my effort won't be undone by damp, sticky air the second I step outside. I'm going for "dishelved chic" (or something like that).  As far as rising and shining is concerned, I'll shine again tomorrow... until then, fingers crossed I don't run into any ex-boyfriends or celebrity crushes.

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