Monday, December 3, 2012

10 things that freak me out.

I think issues make one interesting.
1) When I check my mailbox and there's nothing in there. Like not even a catalogue. Did the mail(wo)man forget to come today?
2) Waking up one minute before my alarm clock is set to go off. How did you do that body? HOW?!
3) Paper cuts. So tiny, SO painful. 
4) When I go to a favorite restaurant & decide to branch out & not order my "usual" item. What if I'm disappointed? 
5) The smell of asparagus pee. What happened in there?
6) Cats.
7) When I get stuck with the "Do Not Walk" hand at several consecutive crosswalks. Am I walking too fast or too slow? How do I fix this!?
8) The word (and idea that anyone would eat something called) "leeks"
9) The recurring daydream (nightmare!?) of a serious trip-and-fall wipeout in the work place. I would have to quit. 
10) People who don't like Disney World (what is wrong with you?)

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