Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My All You Can Eat Weekend

Just your typical Saturday night meal
(image not to scale)
This past weekend Dr. H and I ate very well. Like ridiculously, deliciously, excessively well. What started as a smattering of plans with friends ended up being a marathon of one fantastic meal after another, complimented by visits to several excellent drinking spots. As the great Erma Bombeck once said "I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food." Explore with me:

* FRIDAY - Do Hwa & Little Branch
Do Hwa
Thanks to a favorite friend who now works behind the bar, I've discovered the insane deliciousness of home-style Korean cooking, served up spicy at Hwa. Located on Carmine Street in the West Village, order anything from basic dumplings and lettuce wraps to one of the many Bibimbop or noodle dishes. I've never ordered the same thing twice and I've never been disappointed (killer cocktails too, tell the bartender I sent you!)

Intentionally discrete signage
Located at one of those "only in the West Village" triangular corners, it's easy to walk right past Little Branch, but don't. Down a steep flight of stairs is a speakeasy style bar, inviting you to sit in a cozy booth for hours with friends over great cocktails and conversation.  Lively but not loud, it was last call before Dr. H and I were willing to tear ourselves away.

* SATURDAY - Miss Lily's & The Smile
Miss Lily's is adjacent to the radio station it runs next door. Fo reals.
I freaking love brunch and my spontaneously planned meal at Miss Lily's is a perfect example of why. Miss Lily's is like a sexy Jamaican diner and the menu is packed with unexpected, yet perfectly executed combinations of island-flavor cuisine. I didn't know over easy eggs could taste so good (I'm already eager to go back for jerk chicken at dinner). And just in case we didn't already feel so damn cool chowing at Lily's, Questlove was dining in the back room. amazeballs.

The Smile
Nestled in Noho, a neighborhood which seems to get a new delicious restaurant every week, is the dimly lit and charming The Smile. A quaint and cozy spot with a limited, but somehow perfectly well rounded menu, The Smile was perfect for my group, but could also make for a lovely date night. Everything from the goat cheese and mussels to the bolognese and squash was perfection.

* SUNDAY - Dim Sum & DIY
On day 3 of our eat-a-thon, Dr. H and I went down to Chinatown with Sis and her awesome dude for a little shumai/porkbun/dumpling-fest on Sunday morning. Always a great meal, if you want to read more about my favorite dim sum spot, visit the Seektobemerry archives HERE.
3 for $5 pomegranites. Worth the work!!
And because obviously I cannot survive on just 1 meal a day, Dr. H and I capped off the weekend with some home cooked seafood, vegetables and fruit purchased on Canal Street. A great deal and deliciously fresh, consider Chinatown next time you're looking for a unique market experience (and great deals!).

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