Thursday, December 13, 2012

New kicks... Distracted.

So my company has a partnership with Reebok and because Reebok hearts us, all employees are getting a FREE pair of sneakers. Any pair, custom designs included. Needless to say, the entire morning has been a "create your own shoe" laboratory around the office...

YourReebok -Custom  Women's Freestyle - 22 4670641
Bold blue leather?

YourReebok -Custom  Women's Freestyle - 22 4670598
Basic brown suedes?

YourReebok -Custom  Women's Freestyle - 22 4670762
Blingin' black and metallic gold? (pic doesn't do gold justice)

The possibilities are really endless and I'm having an impossible time choosing. Also having an impossible time tearing myself away to finish the blog post I mostly compiled for you last night. Just a beacon of productivity over here today (hey, it happens:) Since I'm distracted today, you should be too. Here are the goodies I didn't have on hand to share yesterday. Whatevs yo, we'll get our focus back tomorrow (maybe). xoxo!

* OMG this little guy.
* Another delicious dinner recipe which I can say is Merry Meri tested and approved.
* No Jimmy, all I want for Christmas is YOU (this made my day!)
* Just when I think I'm creative, I see something super clever like THIS.
* Just when I thought I couldn't love the Obamas any more, they sent Bo to center stage...
* And wouldn't this be a hysterical mid-party activity for all your guests!?

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