Thursday, December 20, 2012

Diner Love.

Diner date night heaven.
I'd like to take this opportunity to declare my love for diners. Diners. Are. Awesome. Where else can you go to get breakfast at any time of day, or enjoy chicken parmesan, a gyro, matzoh ball soup, a milkshake or a massive chef salad all on one menu!? No where. It's almost too much when you open their multi-page, inexplicably culturally diverse menu and are forced to pick just one thing. Plus, unlike many restaurants, diners happily accommodate groups. Roll up with however many friends, at any hour and they've got a table for you and a friendly Greek man (stereotype, yet usually true) ready to ring you up when you're finished.

In a city filled with celebrity chefs, culinary "experiences" and table wait times that are often longer than the meal itself, it's refreshing to sit down at a diner. I'll order a club sandwich stacked high while Dr. H enjoys his non-pretentious french onion soup in our cozy patent leather booth. Neon signs are a plus. Because sometimes not fancy can be fabulous.

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