Friday, December 28, 2012

The Staycation (part ii. of ii.)

my hood
Happy Friday my friends!! As promised, here are the eats and adventures from the Dr. H/Merry Meri Staycation extraordinaire. Enjoy!

* Grey Dog
The counter. So many delicious options... good luck!
With three locations throughout downtown NYC, including 1 just up the block from our apartment, Grey Dog is quickly becoming our "go to" for a delicious meal and cool vibe. The diverse menu has everything from soups, salads and sandwiches to breakfast items and beer so good luck picking just one (you can always share that mac and cheese:) A no fuss establishment, orders are placed at the counter by patrons and then servers bring everything to the table of your choosing. Chill, reasonably priced and oh so tasty.

* The Bitter End
A Greenwich Village staple.
The self-proclaimed oldest rock and roll club in New York City, The Bitter End has played host to musical greats such as Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga and Norah Jones, but it's infamous brick backdrop stage also hosts small gigs for local musicians. The interior is simple (and likely unchanged since 1961!), the drinks are not too overpriced and the music is great. The Bitter End is perfect for a low key date night or the starting point for a night on the town with friends.

* Extra Virgin
The Extra Virgin scene (during warmer months!)
Perfectly stated by its NY Times review, Extra Virgin is a West Village gem. I mean, when a place gives you two options of olive oil to dip your fresh, warm bread in, you know the meal is gonna be a winner!! Extra Virgin is awesome for brunch or dinner, with a simple yet inventive menu filled with pasta, meats and seafood that will seriously please your taste buds. Cozy and candlelit inside, with a sweet patio out front, I lurve me some Extra Virgin.

The massive and simply decorated space feels very glam.
A gorgeous spot with delicious food and a rooftop farm supplying many of their ingredients? Don't mind if I do!! Dr. H and I had our first Rosemary's experience for brunch, but we will most definitely be heading back for dinner soon. An unassuming storefront that opens into a stunning, high ceiling-ed dining space, this Italian restaurant serves a seasonal and totally unpretentious menu of breads, pastas, meats, cheeses, seafood, vegetables and taaaasty sauces. I hear their cocktails are pretty fabulous as well.

* Eataly
Yes cheeeeeeese.
Have you ever gone grocery shopping at Batali's Eataly? Known by many as a spot to dine (there are 9 different restaurants within the huge 23rd st establishment, including one on the roof!) the market is filled with every sort of delicacy, from meats and cheeses to fresh produce, homemade pasta and sauces. Dr. H and I shopped for unique ingredients, brought them home and enjoyed a delicious/fancy pants meal in the comfort of our own sweatpants!

*Honorable Mentions
- Remember my love for the Standard Biergarten? Well I'm thrilled to report that this place is even MORE awesome in the winter. The "garten" is fully enclosed and extremely well heated and the lack of summer crowds makes it a relaxing spot to enjoy a cold beer and a giant hot pretzel!
- The New York Knicks. Dr. H and I went to a game on Sunday night and watched our blue and orange perform at a level that we haven't seen this consistently in years. Check out the newly renovated MSG (they're 2 of 3 years through the project) and enjoy oogling the famous peeps in "Celebrity Row" while watching Melo, J.R. Smith, and Felton take NY to the top!
- Silver Linings Playbook. Dr. H and I saw this flick and while we definitely enjoyed it, I'm not sure it lived up to the hype for either of us. An unexpected love story between Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, I enjoyed the excellent acting, but wasn't entirely sold on a storyline which felt (to me) rushed at times. Check it out nevertheless to fully prep for "awards season".

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