Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Staycation (part i. of ii.)

Stay home.
This past weekend Dr. H and I spent 5 consecutive days off from work and at home. Abandoning our usual hustle, bustle and urge to travel for catching up on sleep, saving money and relaxing, this was the longest "Staycation" of our relationship. Manhattan is quiet and romantic during Christmas, so we were able to enjoy our city, our home and one another's uninterrupted company for days on end (we still like each other!) Since "getting away" by staying home was new to me, I thought it might be fun to share some of the things that I think made our Staycation a success... Tomorrow I'll cover our eats and activities, but today, here are some Merry Meri tested and Dr. H approved Staycation tips:

(1) Clean up!
The first day we both had off we (I!?) made cleaning up a priority. I wanted to tackle the dust bunnies, piles and nagging list of household chores right off the bat so that they wouldn't be hanging over our (my!?) head the entire time we were home. Plus, it's awesome to be home when your place feels tidy and smells fresh, so take an hour or two and straighten up, then kick back and enjoy.

(2) Workout
Dr. H and I did an impressive amount of eating, drinking and lounging over the long weekend, so working out was a must. We seized our quieter-than-usual city and schedules to go to a SoulCycle that's often hard to get into and used each other as motivation to actually get on the bike. The workout allowed us to spend countless hours on the couch with very little guilt.

(3) Split up
I think part of what made our Staycation such a success was that we didn't feel obligated to stay together the entire time. We ran some of our own errands and didn't hesitate to fly solo for personal favorite activities (mani/pedi for her, uninterrupted couch lounging for him?). Just like solo time for independent interests on travelling vacations, make sure you and your bud don't feel obligated to spend every waking minute together.

(4) Sleep (late and often)
Dr. H and I are excellent sleepers - we can still sleep well into the morning (and perhaps I saw the clock strike noon while still in bed one day?!) Unlike a vacation, staycationing relieves you of any "see it now or never" pressure (there's always, tomorrow, or next month, or next year!) so seize the luxury of excessive sleeping. 

(5) Go for walks
No destination in mind, just go for a stroll. Dr. H and I took full advantage of the empty sidewalks, meandering down streets we usually skip and enjoying the fresh air. Strolling like a tourist in our own town allowed us to notice things we usually rush past and enjoy just being in a place we love.

(6) Do  things you've been meaning to do...
We started watching Game of Thrones, busted out our new Would You Rather game and painted a chalkboard wall (it's AWESOME). Waking up without a plan for several consecutive days gave us time to think of all the things we've been wanting to do at home and actually DO them!

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