Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We're close (on the internet...)

A handwritten note on beautiful stationary is one of my
FAVORITE ways to keep in touch.
I don’t think there’s ever been a better time for keeping in touch. Thanks to cell phones, video chatting, social networks and email, it’s possible to stay connected with anyone and everyone I’ve ever met. On the one hand, this is awesome - I have maintained amazing relationships with roommates, relatives and childhood friends which never would have lasted without our digital connection. The downside however, is that it’s getting harder and harder to make time in the real world for face to face interaction with all the (awesome) peeps in my digital posse. Is technology enhancing our relationships and expanding our circles or doing one at the expense of the other?

Recently Dr. H and I looked at our calendars and realized that it’s been months since we had a weekend that didn’t include catching up, eating out or traveling to see family/friends. Our weeknights are often similarly stacked and while I’d like to think we’re “just that cool,” the reality is we keep in touch with TONS of people digitally and struggle to keep so many relationships alive beyond facebook stalking. I LOVE being able to keep in touch, but it’s tricky to make sure quality keeps up with quantity. Do you have friends you never “see” anywhere other than online? Is that a bad thing? (PS- THIS is a hysterical way to drop a line... more HERE).

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