Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crafting = Cool?

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I've always been a craft-er. From scrapbooks to beer bottle cap tabletops, I get a super-dorky thrill out of a good creative project. Sometimes ridiculed for my LOVE of Michaels (I mean who doesn't love Michaels!?) or box of colored paper, decorative edge scissors and stickers (don't you have craft supplies?), lately I've noticed a shift... You guys, I think loving arts and crafts is finally cool!

With the emergence of sites like Pinterest and thousands of awesome blogs filled with DIYs, home decor and party inspiration, it seems like everyone out there is re-purposing, and decoupaging and chevron-painting. Is this a fad? Will I eventually feel overwhelmed by crafty to-do's and stop enjoying all my DIY projects!? I hope not, because nothing soothes me like awesomely arranged picture frames or a brightly colored wall that I painted myself!

P to the S: THIS great NY Times article wonders if maybe all our digital photo sharing (hello twitter, facebook and instagram) is to blame for our newfound compulsion to craft. It's a good read!

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