Tuesday, May 1, 2012


When do your lightbulbs strike?
Do you have a weird time of day when you do your best thinking or come up with your most awesome ideas? For some people it's in the shower, for others it's while they're working out (I wish!) and for me, it's laying in bed, moments before I pass out. The room is dark, my head is clear and I'm about to drift off when suddenly the lightening bolt strikes. It's a blog post topic, a craft project, a forgotten deadline or some other random passing thought that at the moment seems completely brilliant. I lay there, and I’m all “get up and write this down Meri... your phone is RIGHT next to you and you know you aren't going to remember in the morning, just type a quick email to yourself..." but the energy of rolling over and opening my eyes is apparently too much so I lay there repeating the thought over and over, willing myself to remember when I wake up. Fast forward a few hours to sunrise... no idea, no vague recollection of the idea, nadda. It makes me freaking bananas!!!

Why is it so difficult to recall thoughts we have when our brains are completely at ease? It seems unfair that the lightbulbs tend to go off when we're half asleep, soaking wet or otherwise no where near (or motivated enough to reach!) a writing instrument. Do you have any tricks for remembering your random brainstorms? Are they usually worth the trouble?

P to the S: It's May 1st. Holy hell, when did that happen!?

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