Monday, May 21, 2012

Summa summa summa tiiiime...

Beachy beauty
... time to sit back and unwind! Even though the summer solstice is still a few weeks away (I know these things, I took latin) anyone with a love of sand between their toes and white pants considers Memorial Day the official start of summer, and as I've mentioned before, I think summer is just the bees knees! You've got warmth, sunshine, beaches, sun dresses, flip flops, the smell of sunscreen... I could go on forever. To celebrate the pending arrival of my favorite season, this week on SeektobeMerry we're going to talk about all things summer - what the cool kids are wearing, what to pack for a day in the sun, where to escape to and of course, the tastiest things to eat. So queue up the Beach Boys on your iPod (or any of THESE quintessential summer jams) and get ready for a week of sunshine-y goodness!

Note: Lots 'o links in that paragraph - click the purple text to enjoy!

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